Thursday, September 25, 2008

Opinions Please!

As many of you know I have a goal of promoting upto 5 races next year.  My goal for the races are to keep the entry fee low and to not over work the officials and volunteers.  So I am thinking that we will hold just catagory races and not age graded races (with the exception of Juniors).  I have my eye on some new courses and some courses that have not been used in many years. 

Please post your opinions on my proposed schedule for all crits in the series.  This is a chance to feed me your opinion before it is set in stone.  I know I have heard a lot of talk about moving Juniors to middle of the day and I like the idea of having a mid day break for the officials and volunteers to eat lunch and to allow the course to be open for riding.  Here's my schedule:

9:00             Cat 5                           45 minutes
10:00           Cat 3/4                       1 hour

11:15           Women’s Open          1 hour

12:15 to 12:45    break                   open course

12:45          Juniors 10-14              30 minutes

1:30            Juniors 15-18              45 minutes

2:30            Pro 1/2/3                     90 minutes
4pm race over

By not having age graded races we can increase the length of the races and potentially increase the prize money per event (of course thats not what its about right?).

Opinions Please!
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