Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Weekend of Emergency Medicine

I spent Friday night, all day Saturday and half the day on Sunday in Suffolk at a Continuing Concepts of Emergency Medicine. I learned a lot from these three days of classes. There is one concept in emergency medicine, specifically pre-hospital, that I have never understood...why are EMTs and paramedics some of the most unhealthy individuals? Next time your at a hospital swing by the ER. You will see overweight medics standing outside smoking. Every I went outside to catch a breath of the beautiful weekend air I walked into a screen of cigarrette smoke and cholesterol. Here are some images from that weekend.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time to find a teammate for the 2-man TTT



The Smithfield HAMmer Fest 2-Man Team Time Trial

Held under USA Cycling Permit

Location: Smithfield, VA Saturday June 27, 2009






2-Man TTT Men’s

27.7 miles


9:00 am


2-Man TTT Women’s

27.7 miles


9:00 am


2-Man TTT Coed

27.7 miles


9:00 am


2-Man TTT Merckx*

27.7 miles


9:00 am


Individual TT Men’s

27.7 miles


9:00 am


Individual TT Women’s

27.7 miles


9:00 am


*Don’t have a TT bike? The Merckx competition is the category for you. 2-man TTT on road bikes only with no aero bars. If it’s not legal in a mass start race it is not legal in this category.

A 2-man team time trial is an event in which 2 riders who leave together can pace and draft off each other only.

Finishing time is taken when the second rider crosses the finish line.

Other 2-Man TTT Competitions: You must sign up for the 2-Man TTT Men's, Women's, Coed, or Merckx categories AND any of the other competitions you qualify for.

Family Competition ($100): This prize will go to the top team that is comprised of family members. Father/son, siblings, husband/wife, etc…

Masters 100+($100): This prize will go to the top team whose riders have a combined age of 100 or more.

Young Team Competition ($100): This prize will go to the fastest team whose combined age is 40 or less.

Sub 1 hour ($100): This prize will go to the fastest team to break the one-hour barrier. Only one prize will be given. If more than one team breaks the hour then the prize goes to the fastest team. If no team breaks the hour the prize it is not given out.

Directions: The start will be near the YMCA at 259 James St, Smithfield, VA. Use Google Maps or GPS the address. Parking will be available along James St near the Riverview Community Park. Please don’t park in the YMCA parking lot. They have, however, agreed to let you use their facilities. The start of the race will be just a couple of blocks from the Smithfield Olden Days Festival. Arrive early to ensure you can park near the course but feel free to stay for the festival.

All USCF rules apply. Entry Fees include $3.00 per racer USCF insurance fee. All entrants must have a current USCF license or MUST purchase a One-Day License at registration. Riders under 18 require a parent’s signature to race. Helmets are required for all races. There will be NO restrictions regarding team make-up. USCF categories and teams may mix to form a 2-man team.

Registration is available at only. There will be NO Bikereg fees. The Virginia Beach Wheelmen will pay all Bikereg fees.

Course Description: A challenging time trial course through country roads and rolling terrain with a lot of false flats.

0 mi Start
0.6 mi Continue on Mill Swamp Rd/Rte-626
2.1 mi Turn right at Wrenns Mill Rd
3.8 mi Sharp left at Bethany Church Rd/Rte-678
5.9 mi Slight right at Mill Swamp Rd/Rte-626
7.2 mi Turn right at Moonlight Rd/Rte-627
8.9 mi Turn left at Burwells Bay Rd/Rte-621
12.9 mi Turn right to stay on Mill Swamp Rd/Rte-621
14.1 mi Turn left at Modest Neck Rd
17.7 mi Turn left at Raynor Rd/Rte-681
20.0 mi Turn left at Comet Rd
20.5 mi Turn right on Stallings Creek Dr.
22.6 mi Turn right on Mill Swamp Rd/Rte-626
23.8 mi Turn right to stay on Mill Swamp Rd/Rte-626
27.7 mi Stop

QUESTIONS: EMAIL ME(Joshua Goyet) @ or call 757-515-5940

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You have to train on something! You got to see this.

Check this out. This was one of I think 9 Mercedes donated by Mercedes to the Virginia Beach Fire Department for training. These were right off the production line and trucked down. Fully loaded with I think 32 miles on it.

What in the world would we do with this car?

Cut it into as many pieces as possible.

If this is painful to see just think of it like this: This car would probably have been used for crash testing if it was not used by us to see how well it cuts. By the way...a lot of reinforced steel that does not cut easily.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Casey Auto Crit

It was a great day for racing. John Gray and myself were the only two from the Virginia Beach Wheelmen to race the Cat 3 race. My tactic was to sit near the front and try to go with breaks that I thought would work. Basically I had three guys that I was eying. Jacob Tremblay, Stuart Louder and Elliot Obrien. I figured those three guys always seem to be in winning breaks. Typically by position on the team has been to chase down breaks that our team didn't make. But that was when Jon Nisbet was a Cat 3 and we would try to set him up for the sprint. So my mindset has needed to change a little in the fact that we need to get someone else set up for the win. So instead of chasing everything that went, I just set in and picked my battles.

The first move I went with was a large split that contained Elliot. It was too large to work. I had to bridge up to it on the back side of the course then try to sit in for a lap to recoop. Once I recooped I tried to do my fair share but it was still very disorganized. We were caught and from the counter attacks Elliot and a TNP rider broke away. They stayed out in front of us within site for many laps then suddenly our pace dropped and they were gone. I should have buired myself to get up to them but they truely "snuck away", very good move on their part. So then I focused on trying to with breaks that might stand a chance of catching them, but none succeeded.

I ended up winning a $25 prime sprint by a bike throw. On the final lap I moved into good position on the back side and was even on the wheel of the rider who wan the field sprint. But going through the final corner I didn't have the guts to stay with him and fell back a few positions. I ended up 11th overall.

It seemed like a fast race but a smooth race. My confidence with sprinting is getting better and I don't think it will be long for me to be competing in mass sprints. Its all about the guts of being in position.

Great race and thanks to the promoters and all the racers.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mike and Lori Ann get hitched

Congrats Mike and Lori Ann. It was a blast. Now get on your bike.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Your chance to ride and have a say in the 2-man TTT course

This is your invitation to come and ride the 2-man TTT course with me this Saturday (4/11). I have mapped out the course and have driven it. So I am going out there this Saturday morning at 9 am to ride it. I am inviting everyone who can make it. This is a good chance to get on the course and see what to expect. It is also a great chance for you to ride it and give me feedback before I make it official.

So if you are interested just meet me at the Smithfield Center at 9 am on the morning of Saturday 4/11.

See you there.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Conquer the Canal TT, Tabata Style

John Gray and myself represented the Virginia Beach Wheelmen at the Conquer the Canal TT. It was John's first TT of this short of a distance, and I was planning on trying something different. Since I am not a very good time trialist, I figured I would use this race as a test of the tabata intervals.

So I started my race and settled in. At the 2-minute mark I started my intervals. My intervals were 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest. I would go hard and accelerate for the 20 seconds. Then shift to one easier gear and and spin at a higher cadence for the 10 seconds. My speed was only dropping 0.5-1.0 mph during the 10 second rest phase.

I was able to maintain this until the 20 minute mark. At that point my legs were getting tired and so I was dropping too much during the rest phase and barely catching back up during the acceleration phase. So at that point I just tried to settle in and ride hard.

My goal was sub 29 minutes. In the two years prior I had done a 31:31 and 31:41 (last year's 31:41 was when the course was 12.7 miles instead). So a goal of sub 29 was still significant improvement for me.

I crossed the line in 29:04. So close. But it was great training. I may try this again for one of the PTL. We'll see.

Picture above was taken by BJ Samual. That's me and John waiting for results.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lost in Smithfield...Need Help!

John Gray and I went out on Wednesday to Smithfield to map out the course for the 2-man Team Time Trial. I had looked at Google Earth and Map My Ride before we left and jotted down the directions for a course that I thought would work.

We got lost.

I don't know how it just did.

We finally stopped and asked for directions. Apparently we were a couple hundred feet from 460 at the time. The directions back took us down some dirt roads and some long, windy stretches of road.

So we didn't map out the course, but we ended up having a very good ride...just twice the distance we set out ride.

If there is anyone from the Smithfield area who would like to give advice...I am looking for a 25 mile course leaving from the YMCA on Cary St. in Smithfield. I think I have a course...maybe, but it is only 22 miles and I haven't ridden it yet.

Advice. Drop me an email.