Friday, February 29, 2008

New kits, new team member

I just got the email that our team kits have shipped and UPS should be delivering them on Monday. Our general design will stay the same, but the Bike Zone logo will be replaced with the Virginia Beach Wheelmen logo and All About Bikes will be placed on the side panel. Plus some new sponsors have been added. I'm excited.

So after Monday you will see all the Wheelmen in our new threads. Even a new Wheelmen. Who you ask? Keep your eyes open.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Some shots from the Sportsplex

The VCA racing season kicked off with the training series, the Snowball Crit in Virginia Beach. The temperatures were decent and the wind sort of strong. James, Jon, John and I raced the B race and then Jon and I raced the A race. It was a good day. After being sick I was concerned with my fitness. I know I lost a little leg strength, but overall I felt good. It was a very good day to get us ready the start of some of the more serious races coming up. Plus it was always good to see some good friends.

All pictures were taken by my lovely wife who braved the cold during the B race. During the A race she sat in the warm car. She and I both apologize for a lack of A race photos. For other pictures, check out Albe's site

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snowball Sunday

The Snowball crit is rapidly approaching. I am looking forward to the race, although my training has really suffered. 12 days off the bike with the flu, but then I have been very busy and haven't had any time to ride this week. So I have lost a lot of fitness over the last 3 weeks. The snowball crit will be a major training event for me. I have registered for 2 races. So 45 miles of crit racing total should restart my fitness and hopefully next week I can find time to get in saddle.

The team is getting excited. Any day now we should be receiving our team kits. I don't think they will be here before this Sunday, but maybe next week sometime.

See you at the race.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again.

Eleven days off the bike. That is what the flu did for me. Today was my first day back on the bike in nearly two weeks. Not a great day. I am still very congested and my lungs haven't opened up yet. But it felt good to do something other than just lie around the house. Hopefully I didn't lose all my base. With the Snowball series coming up, I wanted to get some good interval training in. We'll just have to wait and see how I feel this week. I am signed up to race twice on Sunday. So if nothing else, that will be a good day of training and rebuilding what I might have lost.

See you out there.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Birthday Gifts Acceptance is now open.

I turn 32 next Saturday. Although I struggled a little when I turned 30, getting older doesn't seem to bother me. I know I'm still young. There are still plenty of races that don't even have Master categories for my age. But nonetheless, my birthday is February 23rd and I am now excepting presents. Confused what to get me? Here are some ideas:

Time Trial helmet. (Brand not important).

Dura Ace Shifters. Time to upgrade from Ultegra.

Dura Ace Derailleurs.

Anything cool for the bike. Sometimes the gift that someone else picks out the best one.

Cash always converts well to bike parts.

My wife and I are planning our next trip again. October will be our 10 year anniversary. We are taking a cruise for the first time. We will be doing the Land and Sea vacation through Disney (we have heard from people who have taken many cruises that the Disney cruise is the best regardless if you bring kids...we are not bringing kids). So for my birthday I will take gifts on our registry card. Just click here: Disney Cruise.

Or you could just let me ride away for a victory at Snowball Crit #1 on the 24th.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Never been so sick.

I think I have only had the flu once before in my life. The first year as a professional firefighter in Franklin. That winter I got the flu and I remember how bad it was. Well I don't think it compares to the way I have felt over the last few days.

Wednesday afternoon I started getting a headache and sore throat. I went home and started taking Vitamin C and zinc. The next day I felt worse, but we were burning a house at work and I couldn't miss that. Probably a bad mistake. Friday, even worse. Body aches, cough and just overall feeling like crap. I skipped the ride Saturday morning, figuring I would give myself a little longer to recover. Starting Saturday evening my fever started. It got up and stayed between 101 and 102.1 for two days.

So he it is Monday. Last night was still a terrible night sleep. I still have a bad, productive cough, chills, sweats, the fever is gone, but the body aches are still here. Today is the first day I felt at least a little better. We'll see if it last.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Lid

Our team's new helmets came in today. The Uvex Boss helmet is a German helmet that is probably the most comfortable thing I have had on my head. Very adjustable, even has a ratcheting chin strap. And a cool bee guard on the front.

I didn't actually get a chance to ride with it. I am still feeling pretty bad today. Tomorrow is looking pretty iffy for me as well.

All About Bikes has these helmets in stock if anyone was interested. Just thought I would pass on the 411.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bad Timing

Why is it that when the weather is cold and nasty I am motivated and able to ride. But when the weather turns to spring in February, I get sick. That is what has just happened. I started feeling bad on Wednesday and took off that day and Thursday (although we burned a house at work so it wasn't a real rest day, just off the bike). And now its Friday and I am full fledged sick. It was hard to stay off the bike when the temps were in the 80s. Hopefully this will pass quickly and I'll be able to put in some good weekend miles.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Its Official

Jenni and I went to the level "C" officials clinic yesterday. So its official, we're officials. Now are team meets its requirement. I'll be honest that was the reason for going, but I think it will actually be fun. Also it opened my eyes a lot and will make promoting races a little easier. Well anyway I'll give it a shot and we'll see. But I am excited and really looking forward to getting even more involved in the sport. I even thought about getting my coaching license. Maybe next year.

On another note, I have to mention this or Jenni will rat me out...she scored higher than me on the official's test.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Good weather ahead.

Just checked out the weather for the next week. I'm excited. Hopefully I can find an or more each day to ride in the near 70s.

This morning I got up and road the Saturday morning stage race starting at Hilltop. It was a good ride. 20 degree increase in temperature from the beginning to the end of the ride. I felt pretty strong today. My hamstrings are real sore right now. Mainly from a hard weight workout I did yesterday. But I'm feeling it now.

Tomorrow looks like a nice day, but I will be at the officials clinic, then I will be watching the Patriots make history. Go Pats!