Friday, January 30, 2009

Cross Fitting

Well I joined Mike and Sally on one of there weekly CrossFit adventures at Jeannie's CrossFit on Birdneck Rd. It was tough, that's for sure. Also there was Mike Hosang, Art and Kevin Horvath. Everyone did very well. I didn't pace myself very well and put myself in the red during the first rotation of burpees. Here's what are workout was:

40/30/20/10 of Burpees, Kettle Bell Swings, Pull-ups.

So you do 40 reps of each, then 30 reps, then you get the point. No scheduled rest, the goal is to complete them as fast as possible. I was fast witht he first set of Burpees (close behind Hosang) then the kettle bell swings killed me. Most of us did jumping pull-ups because who the hell can do that many regular pull-ups (kipping was an option if you knew how).

Here's a picture I found of them on another day. Taking out some aggression.

Good training and thanks for the invite.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fixed Gear for Sale on Ebay

I have listed my fix gear bike on ebay now. I have decided to limit the number of bikes I own but increase the quality of them. So I got rid of my mountain bike that I never used and bought the Fuji frame. My Giant frame is for sale on ebay (will end today) and with that money I am buying Dura-Ace to replace the Ultegra I am using. The Ultegra will be moved over to my CX bike (which is currently 9 spd). I then hope that I can use the money from the sell of the converted fixed gear to put towards power tap.

So if you would like a fixed gear for training (39/16 gearing) or you know someone who would, here's the link.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Always Check Your Child's Homework

Always check your children's homework.
Mommy works at Home Depot and she was selling a shovel.

However, now the school thinks Mommy's a pole dancer.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Frame for sale...on Ebay

I have listed my Giant TCR Composite frame and fork on Ebay. Here's the link. Starting price is $300. Size Large, 2006 model, raced for one complete season. Never crashed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The New Ride.

My new ride is built up. I spent a little time last night and a little time this morning builder her up. It was cold in the garage, but worth it.

So here it is. My new Fuji Team RC carbon bike from:
I have been riding the compact geometry of the Giant for so long that this will probably feel different. I'll keep you posted.

On a side note...anyone interested in my Giant TCR frame and fork before it hits Ebay?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Cold Day in Hell aka Virginig Beach Winter Endurance Challenge CX

It was cold. In the 20s. I got there at 9:30 to help out and volunteer. As I stood there I thought about how much I did not want to race. But Jenni, my wife, was out there too as an official. So when 12:00 came around I decided to pay my $30 and register for the B race.

I have not taken CX serious this year. I have focused the winter into getting into shape for the road season. I discovered something today about CX racing. Its not the cold, or the dismounts, or the hills...I can't ride on bumpy grass. I think next year that is something I will really work on. I will do intervals on grass. I don't know why I just can't ride fast on grass. What's the deal? Is it too small of a gear, or too big of a gear? It beats my upper body up and my legs don't move.

Well it was a long day, but I accomplished what I wanted. I wanted to go out and ride hard. Those that were out there noticed that I may have riden hard, just not fast.

Also out there representing the Virginia Beach Wheelmen was Jon Nisbet racing the A-race. Of course Jenni was there as an official and James Goyet showed up to take pictures. Also braving the cold to show support was Leah Nisbet and Tim Shockley. Sorry if I missed any other eyes were frozen and I still can't see very good.

Thanks to the promoters and sponsors. This was a very good CX course.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Frame on order

I sold my mountain bike. That gave me enough money to order a new frame. So I have officially broken the Giant cycle. The Giant TCR is being replaced with the Fuji Team RC.

It might be in by Friday. Then I will sell the TCR and use that money to upgrade some parts. Then the road parts could be moved to the CX bike to upgrade that. My wife likes it when I turn bikes into money and use that money for helps keep the bills paid.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

PLT Memorial Ride

There were a lot of riders out today for the PLT ride. Riders of all levels. Some on road bikes, some on mountain bikes, some on cyclocross bikes. There were $5000 Merlins, $7000 Fujis, and $700 Univegas. There were smooth, high end parts and there were noisy rusty chains. There were some riders with race helmets and at least one rider with a helmet on backwards.

This guy hit a lot of those catagories. He was on a Merlin with a rusty chain and a helmet on backwards. But he was smiling and was enjoying the ride...thats what matters, right?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Putting away Christmas

Anyone else not put away Christmas stuff yet? Jenni took everything out of place, but it has been piled in our living room for a week. I just took the lights off the house today. Here's a picture taken from Photo Booth.

I know what your thinking. What the hell am I doing messing around on the computer while my wife puts away all the Christmas stuff by herself. Well its an easy answer. I just got promoted to Captain...I don't have to do any work around the house.

I don't mean to cut this post short, but my wife didn't buy that crap either. So know I have to put the stuff away by myself.

Fire Fighters Guide to the Ghetto

Oh those days of old when feces sat piled high in the common areas of old tenements. Those were the glory days of the fire service. Fire after fire, stabbing after stabbing, television stolen from the kitchen every two days. Come to think of it, there wasn’t a damn good thing about it.

Now of course neighborhoods are no longer called the ghetto. It’s an unkind phrase and we won’t use it again. Instead we will call these areas “Local Urban Economically Disadvantaged Non Code Compliant Housing Areas.” Yeah…the ghetto.

In order to survive in the ghetto you need to be able to speak the language. Here are a few phrases you might run across. They make no sense thus this handy guide.

“Yo”- A term used so often it means different things depending on the speaker. “Yo, my house is burning.” Or, “What’s up, Yo?”. If nervous the speaker might say, “Hey Yo, where’s the yayo, yo?” Just remember to nod your head because the speakers knows what he means even if no one else does.

“Bodego” - Corner grocery store.

“Fo Shizzle”- A term used to convey agreement. For example, ” Yo, we just knocked down the fire and saved your collection of ADIDAS. You’ll need to pick up a fire report in a few days.” The reply: “Fo Shizzle.”

“You know what I’m Saying”- This must be used after every sentence. Example: “So the smoke got bad, you know what I’m saying, and we ran down the fire escape yo, you know what I’m saying, and the heat was bad, fo Shizzle, you know what I’m saying.”
Here are a few tips to complete volume one of the “Guide To Ghetto Operations”
  • Never leave the rig parked by itself. If possible leave an assault team to protect the forcible entry tools.
  • Two in/Two out is now four in, second alarm out.
  • Don’t wear a badge in the ghetto. Everyone likes firefighters. Cops, not so much.
  • People living in the ghetto will help you raise ladders and pull hose. This is done free of charge. Often those living there are much more helpful than the probies.
  • People will give you water in the ghetto. In rich neighborhoods people drink the water while watching you, the peasant, work a fire.
Screw it. I’d rather work in the ghetto. You know what I’m saying?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free Training

I have talked Jeremy into another free sessions of cycling at APT.  Here's the deal:  this one will be a true Strendurace class.  It will have on the bike intervals (your bike and trainer required) plus intervals using the specialized equipment there.  Some of you were there when we did the indoor trainer class.  This one will be more like what the Wheelmen have been doing for that last several weeks.  I think the coolest part is the heart rate system and being able to see the graphs afterwards.

So here's the question:  is anyone available to do this class this Saturday morning from 7:30 to 9:00 am.  I know its cutting into group rides, but I think it is way worth it.  10 people are allowed in.  Call me ( 515-5940), or email me

The sooner you let me know the better.

APT is located in Virginia Beach on VA Beach Blvd near Lynnhaven Pw.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

One hell of a good workout

Have you ever had a workout that was so good you just had to blog about it.  That was yesterday for me.  The crappy weather we had did not make it inviting to go outside.  Cold and rainy...not a good combination.  Luckily for me it was a day at Atlantic Performance Training.  It was a "bring you bikes" day.  That means a mix of intervals on our trainers and the equipment at the facility.  A total of 2 hours.  The first set of intervals were 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 3 minutes.  Heart rate is the goal here so were still in our small chainring.  We definitely felt the burn though.  That was repeated for a total of 6 times.  The rest period was based on our heart rates.  The goal was to be back in the "green" in under 2 minutes.  That was accomplished each time.  From there it was rotations of three minutes on the Jacob's Ladder, rest for 2 minutes, then 3 minutes on the Woodway (its like pushing a car) then back on the bikes for a few minutes.  Then repeat.

Follow that with a great functional stretch routine.  Just can't beat it.  Who thought training inside could be fun and challenging.

The best part was afterwards when we got the graphs of our heart rates.  This is a test of leg strength.  Can you repeat the last interval at the same heart rate as the first set of intervals.  If leg strength is a limiting factor, the graph would tell you that.  It shows how quickly we are recovering and gives an overall idea of what we need to work on.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Now that is just bad luck.

High winds yesterday knocked a tree down onto this house. Luckily the only one home was the family dog that was scared, but unharmed. Cars were in the driveway so we were not sure that the house was empty. So while we were searching I saw a picture hanging on their wall. It pretty much looked like the picture above, but was dated 2003...when a similar tree went through the same spot on the same house. Time to get the tree removers out there.

Photo taken from Pilot Online.