Monday, February 23, 2009

Snowball Crit #1

Its that time of year again. Instead of snowball crit this could have been called rain, wind, cold and snow at the finish crit. The Virginia Beach Wheelmen were minus two racers in the A race due to illness. So me, John Gray, Mike Tamayo, Tim Shockley and Kyle the Kid lined up at the start. It was a good race. Nature's Path had the numbers and the superstar racer Mason. So it was controlled by them for most of the race...good job.

As far as a training race goes in February, I felt great. I really think all the hard work of this off season is going to pay off.

All photos were taken by BJ Samual and could be seen at her SmugMug site.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fitness Poll

I have added a poll on my sidebar. Leave comments here too.

Compared to years past, how is you fitness level? I feel mine is the best it has ever been for this time of year. Last year I fought sickness and fatigue that didn't subside until April. This year (knock on wood) I have avoided all viruses and have remained healthy. I have been able to put time and miles into my training. I just feel this year is going to be a good year. But, there are probably a lot of others that feel the same way.

How do you feel?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I can't study when its 70 degrees out.

This post is brought to you by Outdoor Impressions Landscaping.  Why?  Well first of all they are one of our sponsors.  Secondly, they stopped landscaping today to ride with me.

Tim didn't think he would ride today so was stuck on his fixed gear bike that he had stored at work.  Jamie Nisbet got a good ride in on Keck Bakers old bike....I wonder if we'll see Jamie line up on a start line this year.  And of course me and Jon Nisbet.  The other members of the Wheelmen were busy climbing Mt Mitchell today (and yesterday) on foot.  And Kyle was probably stuck in Math class just looking outside wishing he could ride.
Although I had a test this afternoon, I could stay home.  I had just put on this new crank (FSA SLK lite), new Dura Ace rear derailluer and a new chain.  So I had to get out and ride.

It was a little windy...alright, very windy.  But it was a great ride.  Can't wait for the weather to be like this for more than a couple days in a row.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sleepy Hole Smackdown


The first Virginia BAR race of 2009 is open for registration.  This is a fun, safe course.  I can't believe its time to race again.  I can't wait.                                                                                     

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Williamsburg Ride and Body Fat

I know its a little late but he's the blog on our weekend ride in Williamsburg. James, John Grey, a friend of Jame's (also named John in the borrowed vintage VBW jersey) and I went on a Williamsburg journey. We pulled the old Williamsburg Road Race map off the VCA website. It was a nice day, a little windy but great temperatures. We took it pretty easy and just let the distance and terrain dictate the intensity. I think we ended up doing 57 miles. But the nice thing was just getting out and riding on roads that were different.

We did see a lot of JRVS riders out there. Lucky to have that kind of scenery in your backyard.

On Monday I got in the Bod Pod at work. It is part of our physical each year. I would have to say that I think I am the leanest I have been for this time of year. I am not down to the weight I wanted but I'm not too sure that will be possible. Here is what the Bod Pod had me listed at:

Weight--191 lbs
Lean weight--176 lbs
Fat weight--15 lbs
Fat %--7.9%

Two things here. One is that they have been having issues witht the calibration. Everyone in the past couple months have said the numbers seem low to them. So I don't actually think that I am 7.9% Body Fat. The Bod Pod has an error of +/- 2%, so maybe I am around 10%. Second is that a big part of my off season plan has been strength training. The strength focuses on legs and core, but incorporates all body parts. Once this portion is done, I will probably lose some upper body mass as my riding duration increases. My goal weight was around 180. If those numbers are right, then it won't be possible without losing some muscle mass.