Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trashmore CX

Conditions were great for a CX race. I have not raced cross yet this year and basically have blown off the cross season in preparation for next road season. No warm up, B race starting with the A race for 60 minutes. I started too hard and never recovered. I dropped out after about a half hour.

But, I had a blast. It was fun to finally do a cross race in cross conditions. Plus I got to sport that cool skinsuit. Most people got muddier than I did. I think going as slow I was I didn't kick up that much mud.

Good day at the trash heap.

Photos taken by BJ .

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mad Skills

I rode the rollers yesterday and decided to try one-legged efforts.  Never tried them on the rollers before.  I have mad skills.  I was able to them with no problem.  So I thought to myself...self, this would make a good blog post.  Especially if I had a picture of it.  Well it was 6 in the morning and I didn't think my wife would want to get out of bed just to take a picture.  So I figured I would attempt to take one myself.  So imagine legged intervals on the rollers, holding a camera while trying to get a blog photo.

You would be keen to notice there is no picture attached.  I only rode off the rollers once attempting to get it.  Next time, I'll have someone else take it.

How good are you on the rollers?  Stupid rollers tricks...sounds like a good blog assignment.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Course Poaching. Right or Wrong?

If promoter A has been using a course for many years, is it wrong for promoter B to decide they are also going to hold a race on the same course?

What if promoter B was the promoter who came up with the course many years before but had not used it for a period of two consecutive years. That is when promoter A took over the course and has used it ever since.

I attended the VCA meeting yesterday and this scenario is probably the thing the bothered me the most. Is course poaching right or wrong? Does a promoter "own" a course? I am not talking about the Sportsplex. That course was built for bike racing and can be used by any promoter. But I'm talking about the courses that require contacts to be made and leg work to be done.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Anyone interested in Training at Atlantic Performance?

Regular readers of this blog know about the training the Virginia Beach Wheelmen are doing at Atlantic Performance Training. Up until September I had no idea this type training and coaching was available locally. They offer fitness assessment including threshold testing and VO2. They even have altitude tents and training programs.

There was a group of racers who were interested in doing the Velocity again this year when this opportunity came up. This is great training. The guys at APT want to show off what they have to offer. Would anyone be interested in an open house style event?

Let me know. Post to comments or email me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tour De Garage-Power Endurance

Time to use those trainers for workouts and not just to warm-up for time trials. I have done a couple of workouts this season so far. Usually this time of year I ride indoors before work when it is too dark to get in a good workout. That is what I did yesterday. My workout consisted of very short, full effort burst.

My warm up:
5:00 easy pedaling (small ring)
5:00 alternating seating and standing pedaling every :30 (big ring, top of the cog set)
6:00 one-legged efforts 1:00 at a time (big ring, top of the cog set)

The Workout:
5 x :30 power efforts. Big ring and top of the cog set (like 17). 1:00 RI (rest interval)
5 x :30 power efforts. Big ring and bottom of the cog set (like 12). 1:00 RI
Rest for 2:00 between those two set.

6 x :15 one-legged power efforts. Big ring and middle of cog set (like 15). :45 RI
Complete all 6 sets for one leg, rest for 2:00, then complete all 6 for the other leg.

Warm down:
Spin in an easy gear for at least 5:00
Easy pedaling for as long as required.

Give it a try and post what you think to the comments.

Update to post:

Nick made a very good point in the comments:
hey man just wondering but dont you think its a little bit early to be doing that intense, short work.

id stick with the longer intervals 2x20 or 1x30 depending on how long ur on the trainer.
He's right. This time of year is too early to be doing intense power intervals on the bike. Right now we are doing some load bearing power endurance training off the bike. Our trainer workouts are sub-threshold workouts just like Nick suggested. I was taking some of the information I am learning from my new coach and trying to apply it to some of the in-season workouts we could be doing.

These workouts are much more interesting to post then the sub-threshold long intervals. Although I will be posting some of those.

Thanks for point Nick.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Answer.

According to our new coaches at Atlantic Performance Training, the five factors of athletic performance, in order, are:


As I am not one to just accept information as fact, I researched this on my own. Jim Loehr is a human performance psychologist and probably a leading expert in the field. He expands his knowledge base to help people succeed in business as well. He adds toughness as number 1, but most others don't include it on their list. Self-confidence and a sense of control could be listed, but they could be considered a result of preparedness.

What does this mean?

Natural talent will only get you so far. If someone is preparing properly for competition (training, nutrition, tactics, visualizations, etc...) they will beat the natural athlete who is not properly preparing. This gives me a lot of hope and a lot of motivation.

One aspect of training that is not used as often as it should be is sports psychology training. Has anyone ever done this? Does it work? For people that I have talked to so far, it works. Professional athletes of all sports do it. Cycling is so much a mental sport, you would think it would be beneficial.

There is one coming up at Atlantic Performance Training on November 22nd. They are going to start having them on a regular basis I think.

An Advanced Sports Performance Seminar

Atlantic Performance Training is proud to present the “Mental Preparation for Competition” seminar on
Saturday, November 22, 2008 from 12pm to 4pm. Topics covered in this seminar
include motivation, recovery, distraction, selective attention, focus, anxiety, imagery, creating success...
and more. Location: Atlantic Performance Training, 2529 Virginia Beach Blvd, VA Beach, VA 23452.
For directions, visit Seminar includes reference materials, water
bottle and tee shirt. SEATS ARE LIMITED. Cost: $199 per participant.
For further information, please contact Nick Luciano at 757.275.7636.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Factors affecting athletic performance.

If I were to list a set of factors that contribute to athletic performance, could you put them in order of importance?


Give it a shot. Post them, in order, to the comments. Check back and I will post the answer.

Cure for the exercise excuse.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bikes for Sale.

I have decided it is time to unload some of my bikes so the kids could have Christmas presents. The above Giant Trance 4 is the first to go. I believe it is a 2006 model. I have had it for two years and it has very few miles on it. Especially after getting my CX bike last year, this bike has just been hanging in the garage. I have not been on it at all this year.

It is pretty much stock with the exception of the Avid disc brakes that I added. Saddle bag, pump and bottle cage included.

I am 6'. The bike I think is a Medium (18") but I can't remember for sure and the sticker is no longer on it (of course). It measures 18" from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the seat collar. At 6' it fits me perfectly. You can see from the picture how much seat post is showing.

Interested? $700 OBO.

I also might be willing to sell my fixed gear. It is a converted Giant TCR aluminum frame size medium converted to a fixed gear. It is a great winter time beater bike but can not be used for track events. If anyone is interested I might be willing to let that go for $300 OBO.

Email me if interested in any of this stuff.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is upon us.

I am going to keep my talk about the election and politics to local races. In Virginia Beach it looks like we are getting a new mayor after two decades. Is that good? Virginia Beach is a City Manager run government and the mayor is simply another vote on council. So a new mayor can only do so much damage or good. I heard a lot of people talk about needing a new mayor and my only response was "why?" Virginia Beach is doing well. We may hate paying personal property taxes on vehicles and our homes, but the money has to come from some where. City services are top notch and based on the continued development of Town Center it looks like we are attracting new businesses as well.

Just a thought. We knew what we had with Oberndorf, now we have to wait to see what we are going to get with Sessoms.

Speaking of change. I made a first step in changing the look of the VCA race calendar for next year. I have found a good course, the town is excited to have us, and it comes with thousands of spectators there for a festival.

Here's the hint:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Excited for another night.

I am looking forward to another night of training at APT. The stuff we are doing is exciting, useful and different. Balance and coordination is our primary goal now. The above picture is of us after a workout.

That Jacob's Ladder is not joke. You should see Tim on that slide board. He looks like a pro.

There is Jon performing one of the many exercises done with a pvc pipe.

All photos taken by staff of Atlantic Performance Training.