Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Garage Riding

It is cold, wet, raining, snowing, sleeting, icy and down right not cycling weather.  I'm sure glad we have this global warming thing going on or just image what the weather would be like.

So if you are like me you are spending a lot of time on the trainer.  Also if you are like me, the place you ride your trainer is cold also.

Check out the picture above of a group ride I was leading at my training facility.  It is a warehouse style of space and it takes a little while for the heat to kick in.  The first workouts of the day are usually pretty chilly.  Here is Amy having to wear her scarf.  The rest of us are actually in leg warmers and long sleeve jerseys.

It seems silly to get all dressed up to ride inside, but I just have not been able to force myself outside.  I will post next some of my favorite indoor workouts from this winter storm season.
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