Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Mild Set Back

My pre-season training has been filled with goals that were obtained, motivation to train inside when the weather was bad and a well planned training outline focusing on base miles, aerobic base and muscular strength and endurance.  My septoplasty surgery was a quicker recovery than expected and I was back training a week ahead of my best case plan.  I also managed to avoid any injury or illness through this pre-season.

This last week I was just unable to get on the bike and train.  A lot of work and a lot of other stuff going on.  So I was forced to essentially extend my time off the bike from surgery another week.  It is just a mild set back since I had intention of being off the bike this long any way.  So I will have an opportunity to start training again tomorrow and get back on plan.  I should still be on pretty good form and probably didn't lose very much in these three weeks off.

Only time will tell and I am excited about the racing season.
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