Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pictures and Report from Lonestar Lakes CX Race

The folks at All About Bikes Racing did an excellent job designing this cyclocross course.  I have been practicing and training a lot more this year on grass so the long sections didn't bother me as much as in the past.

I showed up to race the 35+ event after fighting a head cold that had just moved into my chest.  No excuses, but I'm just saying.

Anyway I took this race much like I have taken all other CX races this year...for fun, but I'm still giving it all I have.

There is really not much to report.  I wasn't last but I wasn't in contention for the money either.  I felt pretty good and had a good time.

Here are some cool pictures taken of my during the race (why just me, well its my blog):

Photo by Keith Burnstein 
Photo by Keith Burnstein  
Photo by Mike Park
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