Saturday, May 11, 2013

Progress Mixed With Setback

One hour prior to my first session of Rolfing, my back started to ache after picking up a heavy object.  Not hurt, but not comfortable. I went ahead with the session.  My first impression of Rolfing is pretty good.  I really felt like she was making positive changes in my posture. However, due to the soreness in my back from lifting the object, I can't feel a difference. Actually I feel like I have taken a step back. 

Two days later I'm feeling better but not where I was.  My next session is next Sunday. My thought is to take a picture BEFORE each session. If my posture changes after each session but goes to crap in the following week than it probably was not worth it.  I did take a picture a couple of weeks again and the focused on changing my posture myself. 

The one on the right was my posture two weeks ago.  The one on the left was my posture just before going to my first Rolfing session.  Next week I will take another and compare it to the most recent and the first one to see if any changes are noted.  Of course I want physical changes to be noted, but I am primarily concerned with reduction of back pain.  

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