Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Next Stage to Fix My Back

For me, this year, I have more or less given up on the racing season. My back continues to be a problem. This injury has gone on for more than two years. I guess by definition, it is now chronic back pain. I have not given up hope and I am still seeking treatment with the hopes if correcting this problem.

What is my problem?

First: if I were not a cyclist then I really would not have much of a problem. My primary issue is numbness in my left foot while riding. This occurs about 30-40 minutes into every ride.

Second: at times my foot will go numb while standing or walking. Not very often any more, but it still happens.

Third: occasional back pain.

This injury does not effect work or everyday living. It really only effects working out. Cycling, running, strength training and other workouts are hard to do for the length I want to do them.

The reason for this post is to set up a diary for my next treatment endeavor. Tomorrow I start with a massage technique called Rolfing. Rolfing is specifically designed to correct posture due to gravity. My posture is terrible and could easily have been the reason for my back injury. I will post posture pictures of myself though this process along with updates on how I am feeling.
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