Friday, April 3, 2009

Lost in Smithfield...Need Help!

John Gray and I went out on Wednesday to Smithfield to map out the course for the 2-man Team Time Trial. I had looked at Google Earth and Map My Ride before we left and jotted down the directions for a course that I thought would work.

We got lost.

I don't know how it just did.

We finally stopped and asked for directions. Apparently we were a couple hundred feet from 460 at the time. The directions back took us down some dirt roads and some long, windy stretches of road.

So we didn't map out the course, but we ended up having a very good ride...just twice the distance we set out ride.

If there is anyone from the Smithfield area who would like to give advice...I am looking for a 25 mile course leaving from the YMCA on Cary St. in Smithfield. I think I have a course...maybe, but it is only 22 miles and I haven't ridden it yet.

Advice. Drop me an email.

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