Monday, May 4, 2009

Problem Solved...The Shimano 7900 chain issue

I got the new Shimano Dura Ace 7900 chain back in late February. This is the directional chain in which the engraved side needs to face out.

It comes with a Quicklink which you could use to connect it. The Quicklink is also directional and goes on like this:
And should look like this when on the bike:

Everything seemed to work fine. Then on a rainy Saturday morning my bike got dirty. I went home and cleaned it immediately like I usually do. The next day I had a clicking type of feel in my cranks (at least that is where it seemed like it was coming from). I took the cranks off and inspected them...they were fine. I replaced the cassette, tried a different rear wheel, and even swapped pedals. No fix. This mainly occurred when I was in my 21, 19, 17... basically at the top of the cassette whether or not I was in the small or big ring.

I finally put the chain from my TT bike on and it fixed the problem. So now I was a little pissed. I just spent a bunch of money on this chain that lasted me for less then a month. I inspected it numerous times. I verified 50 times it seems that the chain was installed correctly. It would not skip at all on the work stand and only seemed to skip or click in those low gears.

I finally realized it definetely had a feel like a stiff link. But non of the links were stiff. So I finally took the Quicklink off and replaced it with the old fashion Shimano replacement pins that is still an option with this chain.

Problem solved. That quicklink must have gotten some dirt or grime in it and because of how precise it is, messed it up.

Anyone else have any problems. I couldn't find any information on this during this time of annoyance for me. So I thought it would be a good idea to post it this issue so someone else doesn't end up pulling their hair out.
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