Friday, May 1, 2009

The Story of the Old School Photos

My brother James came across some old pictures at our parents house. He realized the value of them and scanned about 800 of them to his computer. It was pretty cool to look back at them. Many of them were old cycling pictures. Our parents went to every race and always took pictures.

There were ones like this which I think might be Cycle to the Sun in Maui (but I'm not sure).

There were a couple like this. Remember this race? New Horizon crit. Recognize anyone? Eric Saunders is there near the front.

And there were really old ones. When helmets had a hard shell and even a small skin suit was baggy on me.

So James took a lot of these pictures, scanned them and posted them on Facebook under the title "Old School". Not too bad, right?

Except there were more pictures.

There were ones like these:

I am the one on the far right. And who could forget those Glamor Shots:

And who hasen't occasionally dressed up like a girl?

Well let's just say Facebook is a pretty large network. There were many comments made on Facebook about these photos. But then my lovely wife chose to repost the pictures under her account which opened them up to even more people I know...people I work with.

The result was this:

That is the framed pictures from "Old School" hanging on the walls of my fire station. They ended up being sent to the people I work with from numerous sources.

If you can't laugh at your past what can you laugh at. Who else is willing to have old pictures of them hanging at work. These are the type of pictures that your mother is dying to show your girlfriend the first time you bring her home.

Good times.
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