Friday, July 10, 2009

The Girls are Sore.

Since graduating this May from ODU with an Exercise Science degree, I thought I would start working in the industry a little. So my first two clients were my wife Jenni and her friend Laura. Both of them have done traditional gym style workouts and limited cardio work. My goal for them was to improve overall fitness and increase their aerobic capacity. Of course with these goals, weight loss would soon follow.

So our focus over the last few weeks have been movement based work, core strengthening and aerobic development. It has not been the hard interval work or the steady state cardio work that is kicking their butts. It has been the movement based exercises to develope muscular balance and better coordination as well as the core strengthening that has made them a little sore at times.

Here are some of their Facebook status updates:

Jennifer 'Rapp' Goyet is so sore.

Jennifer 'Rapp' Goyet is sitting on my butt & in pain. My whole body is cramping on me. Thank God I don't have to workout tomorrow.

Jennifer 'Rapp' Goyet needs some good reasons & excuses to give to Joshua in order to convince him we should skip today's workout. I just don't want to hurt today...

Jennifer 'Rapp' Goyet is in pain from the workout. Ouch. I'm laid up on the couch!

Laura Chavis Is going to punch Josh in the face! SSOOOOOO freakin sore's not even funny! seriously...i'm gonna punch him in the face! LOL

Laura Chavis sore...that's all i'm gonna say!

Jenni had been going to the gym and said she was getting upset because the weight training was no longer making her sore. I don't think she's complaining about that anymore.

I have told them that the soreness will go away soon. When we started this type of work during the fall and winter my whole team was sore. Its amazing the stuff you don't workout during everyday things.

I'll keep you posted on their progress. Anyone else want to join us. We are working out at Performance Point in Virginia Beach.
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