Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I told you I would do better.

Remember a post from June, after the PLT TT #1? Time Trialing Sucks This Time of Year.

In there I talked about how I don't typically get on my TT bike from April to June when I realize we have a few TT to race. My time in the PLT #1 was 56:35. A few years ago I would have been thrilled with that time. But my PR for that course is a 53:43, so nearly 3 minutes slower was very disappointing. So from then until this last weekend I rode my TT bike at least once a week. I did intervals on the bike and played around with positioning and cadence speeds (as evident from my last few posts).

I went out this last Sunday actually excited to race. I had guarenteed a PR to one of my teammates and said I was sure I could get sub 53.

I was right about the PR but not about the sub 53. I ended up with a time of 53:16.

I felt like I raced hard and smart. I pushed big gears when it was right and I gave my legs a little break and spun a faster cadence when it was appropriate. All when trying to maintain a high average speed. I think a little more practice and longer intervals an I will soon be a competetive time trialist.

For this year it is over. I am out of town next week (Jefferson, MD. So I will be able to get some hill riding in) so I will miss PLT #3. No more TT this year. But next year I will be getting on the bike early, and staying on it for most of the year.

Now just a couple more races and then the CX bike comes down.
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