Monday, July 6, 2009

New Location, New Name, Same Trainer

For those of you that have been following my blog, Facebook or just talk to me know that I have been a fan cross training and strength training for cycling. This winter my team stumbled upon Jeremy Levine. We trained with him through the winter on and off the bike (some kick ass indoor trainer workouts). As the racing season kicked in we continued to train. Early in the season we focused on power and volume (off the bike). The training really gave us some power and endurance that complimented what we were doing on the bike. Recently we have focused more on core, movement, balance and proprioception (body awareness). I have not spent as much time on the bike as I should have this year. If I had put in more miles, this extra training would have drastically improved my performance. As it is I feel better, stronger and more confident than I have in years...actually ever. So I am sold on this type of training throughout the season.

Some of you have even gone with us for some of the bike workouts during the winter. I think they could attest to the quality of the workouts. Well to update everyone on this training I wanted to let everyone know that the location has changed, the name as changed, the enviroment has changed but the quality training is the same.

Instead of the Riversedge location, we are now training in a warehouse space located off of Dean Dr in Virginia Beach (off of Lynnhaven Pw). The name of the company is Performance Point and it is still run by Jeremy Levine. Atlantic Performance is still around...I just don't know who is running it. So if you are looking for quality cross training, this is where you need to go.

They are starting some Strendurance classes and group exercises. They will have a monthly fee for unlimited classes or a pay per class rates.
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