Friday, August 14, 2009

Goals for the up coming off season.

Part of my problem in cycling has always been focusing on the future instead of what is right in front of me. This post is a perfect example. I am already starting to look toward the cross season, off season and next season, and I still have a race this weekend. Part of that might be the fact that I have not felt great on my bike the last few weeks. Been a little tired. Part of it is also the last crit I raced was the Richmond race. I did not do Page Valley because I couldn't get off of work. This long break in racing is tough. So my mind starts to wonder to what I didn't do well with this year and what I can fix in the off season.

Let's first start off with what I did do well. I set a personal best at the Dismal Dash, Conquer the Canal and PLT #2 TTs this year. I gained more confidence in staying at the front of the packs and gained some race smarts as well as when to attack and when to let other teams chase.

Here's what I didn't do. I did not put in the miles required for excellent fitness. I did not get the fitness level required to survive a long break away. I did not gain the confidence to be in the top 5 positions on the final lap.

So here is my off season plan:

Enjoy the cyclocross season. Train hard with it and put in some long rides that includes technique riding. This will help start a base building early but more importantly give me some bike handling confidence to be elbow to elbow in the final sprint. But most importantly, have fun. That's what cross is all about, having fun while being in the worst pain of your life. Go cowbells.

Lose weight. This one is tricky. I am a firefighter and so upper body strength is important to me. But this last year I really never got below 192 lbs. If I could get that number down to 180, I believe I could be quite a bit faster. Plus if I could slim down my upper body, I could be that much more aero. The trick will be to lose weight without losing strength or power. It can be done, but it will take a while. That is why I need to start now for next summer.

Finally I want to breath easier. This will be accomplished in January when I get my deviated septum fixed. This has always been an issue of mine. I have a hard time talking and eating while on the bike because I have to breath through my mouth. Plus maybe, like many movie stars, when I get my deviated septum fixed, maybe it will make my nose look smaller. Then I go back to the idea of being more aero....and sexy.
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