Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maryland Trip. Riding and Drinking.

My wife's sister and her husband live up in the Jefferson area of Maryland. So for me, living in the flat roads of Virginia Beach, a trip to visit them always includes some good hilly rides. They just built a brand new house so on the first day I explored some of the roads around the new area. I found a loop that was just over 6 miles long which included one really steep climb that my iBike registered at a 17.8%. Many of the climbs were short but potentially steep.

Just down from their house I noticed an entrance to the C&O Canal. My mind is already starting to think cyclocross so I was excited to think of the chance to visit them in the winter and ride some of the canal. We actually later took some 4-wheelers out and ended up this same area after riding through cornfields and some woods on their property.

Everyone up there seemed nice. One guy even started cheering me on when he realized I was doing loops. He was out working at the top of the steep climb.

Although there were some asses on the road...

No trip is complete without a night...or two of drinking. So they decided to throw their annual summer party at the new pad. Joel and I went and picked up a few hundred dollars worth of liqueur and this huge block of ice. Groves were cut into the ice and an ice luge is formed. By the time the liqueur reaches your mouth it is very cold.

Plus you gotta love the looks from the women drinking form it.

Later on that night many of the ladies ended up jumping on the trampoline. I am very sorry but it was too dark to get pictures with my phone. Trust me I tried.

Overall it was a fun trip. Got a couple of days of great riding and a couple of days of destroying my liver.
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