Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Transition

The Chesapeake Crit went well this last weekend. VBW had 3 racers in the 30+ race (plus a secret new member that we haven't announced yet who is still racing under his current colors). I felt pretty good. I made some moves but nothing really to write home about. I thought a move with 5 laps to go had potential. I was actually chasing a Bike Works rider up the road and the front of the pack just let me separate. When I realized I had a gap, I pushed harder. A pair of riders came up to me and I had enough in me to fall in and start working with them. But we didn't work hard enough and the pack was chasing hard. With 3 to go we were caught along with the lone flier up the road. I tried to get in good position but was a little too far back. I ended up 16th overall and 5th in the 30-34 age group.

That was my last road event of the season. So this week is my transition to CX. I am taking some days off the bike and spending my normal days at Performance Point. If my CX bike is ready (I'm doing some work on it) by Wednesday, I might ride it to work. When I get off work in the mornings I am planning on riding First Landing Park. I'm getting pretty excited.

The transition isn't a complete transition. When I do group road rides I will still ride the road bike. Plus I am really looking forward to the training series at the Sportsplex for the month of September. It will be a good place to get some high intensity training.
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