Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Forget about Cyclist vs. Motorsist issue, how about Cyclist vs Disc Golfer?

Bennett's Creek Park in Suffolk, VA, home of the Bennett's Creek Cyclocross race this past weekend is also home to an 18 hole Disc Golf course.  Disc golf is apparently pretty popular in Suffolk.  Every time we were at this park to do work there were plenty of golfers.  Most of them were pretty nice and put up with us riding through their course.  Even the day we were there (Saturday) to do maintenance on the trail and post storm clean-up, the golfers were happy we were taking care of the trails and welcomed us there.

Sunday morning though was a little different.  We got there at 7 am to set up the course, so did the disc golfers.  I saw a pickup truck pull into one of the parking lots that were going to be used in the course.  We hadn't had a chance to close the road yet, so I went over to explain we were holding a race and he was not going to have access to the golf course after 10am.  But more importantly he had to move his truck.  He was not happy with me.  I mean, he was already in the middle of putting on his disc golf shoes and now a guy with shaved legs was telling him he couldn't play.

"Did you rent the park?" was his question.  Of course we rented the park.  What the hell did he think?  After mumbling something under his breathe, he got in his truck and moved.  But not out of the park, just to another lot.  Then he got out of the truck and just stood in the middle of the street like he was waiting for something.

He was waiting for something:

Yes, he called the cops because we wouldn't let him play disc golf.

The cop who showed up didn't even waste my time.  But it didn't stop the golfer from calling his friends and playing through our race.  There were times when they got on the course and walked slowly because they just wanted to be assholes.  And there were times when they throw their discs across the course.

I preempted their complaints by filing one of my own with Suffolk Parks and Recs.  Plus I had to keep in mind that this was one group of golfers.  All other groups that we met were all pretty nice.  We just had to get the serious, semi-pro, very athletic disc golfers:

These are not the actual pictures of the golfers on that day but do capture the essence that I was going for.  I am going to keep my eyes open for a disc golf tournament and plan on riding my bike through their course on that day.  See how they like it.

Now I have vented.  And I am spent.

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