Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm Back and Ready to Train

Jenni and I went on our 10 year anniversary vacation. Yes it was to Disney and the kids stayed home. We felt a little bit bad...just a little though.

The happy anniversary buttons got us some free deserts and a couple of head of the line privileges and a whole lot of congratulations form cast members.
The second part of the trip was the Disney Cruise. First stop was Nassau. We weren't crazy about it. We probably enjoyed it more from the boat then when we actually got off and walked around.
Pirate night was a blast. This was Jenni giving here best Pirate look.
Castaway Cay was definitely relaxing. Can you say Corona moment?

Pretty girl and pretty boat.
I even helped a kid get into his coconut that he found.

Back to the boat. This was the part of the trip that we really liked. On Castaway Cay we get massages, relaxed on floats and in hammocks, road bikes and went snorkeling. It was a blast.

Now that the trip is out of my system I am ready to train some more. Jenni and I have a little bet going. We both probably gained a few pounds on the trip. We weighed ourselves when we got home. On December 1st we will weigh in again. The person who lost the most weight doesn't have to do the dishes for the entire month of December. That means loading and unloading the dishwasher.
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