Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where do you train?

We are into our second week at Atlantic Performance Training and I am impressed. One thing that it is definitely do is make us more accountable. Gone is the time of thinking I could eat anything I want because I ride my bike. Now I'm thinking about food as making me a better athlete. One main reason is that Jeremy (our coach) wants us to email him with a list of what we eat. The fact that I have to write it down and tell someone who has an interest in my training will make me naturally choose better food.

Since we are only training at APT twice a week we also have to keep a training log. Once again this makes those decisions of whether or not to ride a lot easier. The difference between this training an a standard coach can be seen in this off season preparation. Currently in this strength and conditioning program we are working on balance and coordination. This training is hard, fun and although off the bike, it will be very beneficial to racing.
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