Monday, June 15, 2009

Racing, Amphibious Style

On Saturday we endured the epic conditions of the Amphibious Assault Crit on Little Creek base. The Cat 3 race saw the entrance of heavy rain and lightning. We started the race with idea that we may be stopping soon because of a storm. The race started fast, as you would expect when it is raining. I chased some early moves down, but because of lack of visibility, difficult drafting and chaotic attacks, a group got away of 6 riders without anyone really knowing. A group of 2 or 3 riders were just behind them. I pulled a good effort and closed the gap on that group. That caused our group to relax a little (which I wasn't going to complain about), but it opened up the gap between us and the leaders.

The pack had dwindle pretty low with dropped riders, riders who dropped out and the 6 away. Me and John took turns trying to keep the pace up but by this time it was really only to keep from being lapped. A lot of work was also done by a few other racers in our group. TNP sat in but that was to be expected because they had riders in the lead group. Tripower had two riders in that worked a little. What's the team with the all black kit? I seem to remember their guy on the front a lot along with a Fiorucci rider.

All in all I was pleased with my effort and performance. I missed the break and I didn't sprint for the finish. Sometimes its not about the results. Sometimes the races you are the most pleased with our the ones you worked the hardest, even if the results didn't show it.

Earlier in the day Kyle the Kid made is season redebut back into the racing scene. He has spent the last several months chasing a ball around a grass field. The Cat 3 race was a little much for his 90 miles he has trained so far this year. He's young, fit and it won't take him long to remember why he shaves his legs. Welcome back Kyle.

Photos taken by BJ and can be found here.
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