Monday, June 15, 2009

TT Sucks this time of year.

So far this year I have posted PR for the first two time trials of the year. The Dismal Dash 40K and the Conquer the Canal were early time trials that told me my off season training was pretty good. Don't get me wrong, you still had to scroll down the results list to find my name, but they were good results for me.

So Sunday was the first installment of the PLT 23 mile time trial. My PR was 53:43. So I was shooting for something in the 52s. It did not happen. I complete sucked during this race. I believe my time was 56:35 but I didn't wait around for the official results.

So I went back to my history of the PLT races. I found that my PR for PLT#1 was actually 56:57. PLT#2 was 53:43 and PLT#3 was 53:52. So why do I suck at TT in early June and suck less in July and August? Not to mention I had good showing in March and April. I think I figured it out.

During the winter months and early season I do some TT intervals on the trainer. After the early season TTs I typically don't get on my TT until I think "Oh crap, I have a time trial this weekend." After I do poorly on the first PLT, it motivates me to train a little harder for the next one.

So that being said, can I claim another PR for the year? It may not be a course PR, but it is a race PR. I posted a PR of 56:35 for the PLT #1. Next race I will truely shoot for that sub 53.
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