Monday, October 19, 2009

Lone Star CX in Suffolk

Good day of racing yesterday.  The course was really fun.  Some tight, technical turns in the first part of it with some long, heavy sections.  Descents, run up and climbs finished it off.  The only problem for my legs were the amount of grass sections.  Actually, it was all grass.  That made is very challenging and very hard.  I big ringed it the whole way and although I got last of the finishers in the Cat 3 race, I felt like I race well.  I pushed myself in the hurt locker.  I had a bad remount after the run up where I started to get gapped and after that it was impossible to catch up.

Our newest teammate Chris Larkin raced the Cat 4 race and did very well.  He has had his CX bike for just 6 days so a 7th place finish was pretty good.  A couple of bad remounts and getting stuck behind riders who let gaps form caused him not to be able to stay with the leaders, but he raced great.

Jon Nisbet raced with me in the Cat 3 race.  Although he had a better showing at Bryan Park, I think he probably looks back at this race as a success.  The bottom line is we are out there to have fun.  That we did.  We all hurt and we all suffered, but we hurt and suffered with friends.

Great job to Albe and the crew from All About Bikes Racing.  Great race, great course.  Thank you.
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