Saturday, October 27, 2007

Carving up the trail, Carving up a pumpkin!

Chimborazo cross in Richmond. Driving up I thought we would have cross weather, we did not. Another 80 degrees and sunny. At least there was some mud. Since this cross thing is new to me and I don't have that much time to train, I am very low stressed with racing. My expectations are just to have fun, and so far I have. Today's course looked challenging. I made it about 1 minute into the race when a little inattentiveness caused me to hit a curb and flat. No spare wheels. My race was over just as fast as it began. Then came Albe offering me the wheel off his bike. Although I was already a lap and a half behind, at least I got to ride the course and have fun. Thanks man, your my hero.

Picture by Albe. Thanks for wheel.

It is very good to see all my friends from the 757 at these races. Last year this stuff happened and I was in the dark. Its a whole different type of racing and I sense my skills are improving every week. I think its time to take it up a notch. Top ten in the B race is my goal by the end of the season. Now the pressure is on.

After I got home we decided to skip the planned Halloween party and stick around the house and carve some pumpkins. I got mad pumpkin carving skills. Caitlyn, my 5 year old, wanted the spider. Jenni, my wife wanted the ghost. I carved the spider and Jenni did the ghost. Who wins the contest?

Tomorrow, Bryan Park.
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