Sunday, October 14, 2007

Corkscrew Cross and Other Adventures

Did my first cross race this weekend on a cross bike. It was interesting. The course was not hard, or at least not compared with the Trashmore practices. Very bumpy and very dusty. As soon as the race started we hit an area of dirt that kicked into a huge cloud. I could hardly see the person right in front of me. It was pretty cool. I didn't start off too fast. Figured I would get comfortable and hope to start picking riders off one by one. Didn't quit work that way. It started to, but then all of sudden I hit a huge hole and both my brakes locked up. I kept the bike upright but I could not figure out way they were locked up and how the hell was I going to fix them. I figured it out. I was riding on my hoods when I hit the hole. The force caused my hoods to slide down on my bars. Because the cable splits at the top mounted levers, moving the hoods moves the brakes. So I forced the hoods back up, but I was unable to use them the rest of the race. As I fixed it and was ready to start back up again, I saw the group of people I was with coming over the barriers. I was now a full lap behind. So I took the rest of the race as just fun and experience.

Today I took the mountain bike out to New Quarter with my brother James. It was my first trip there. Nice trail, I had a good time.

Tomorrow starts my five day rest period. I have been tired lately from work and training. We aren't burning all next week so it seemed like a good week for me to rest. Looking forward to the cross race next weekend. I think I am doing the one on Sunday.

Hopefully I can get some pictures. I left my camera at home, but Tim let my wife use his. So as soon as I get some pics from the race I'll post them. JB was there taking a lot of pictures so I'm sure will see some good shots. Hope everyone else is having a blast at Ironcross.
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