Monday, October 22, 2007

The rest is over!

Five day rest break. My body needed it. Busy hard work at the FTC and then training on the bike. No workout from Monday to Friday. So Saturday came around I was ready to ride hard. Two flat tires prevented that. Time to replace those tires.

Then came Sunday. Cobblestone Cross. Great time. I got 17th in the B race. I know its out of the points, but I'm still learning at this stuff. Probably should have pushed a bigger gear through most of the course. But it was a lot of fun.

Thanks to Marc and Shawn for staying right on my ass the whole race to keep me going. And Chris for keeping me thinking I could catch you for the first 6 laps before you took off.

Then Monday night...Velocity training. Three teams represented...Jimmy where were you? Form night, not too hard but wait till next week.
Guys, did you get anything out of the training?Tickets to gun show available every Monday night. Still not too late to join us.

I now I leave you with this thought. Picture it...Hunt Club Pumpkin patch. American Red Cross Blood Mobile parked there taking blood donations. On the back the words "Give Life", on the side (not visible in the picture) are the words "for your health, for your life". Leaning against the side are two obese nurses smoking waiting for to take peoples blood donations. Is this a joke???

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