Friday, October 5, 2007

Trashmore TT

I think everyone was a little tired on Thursday night. I know I was. We are doing our company in-service burns (fire companies come to the training center and show the chiefs they are proficient at firefighting). We will be doing it through November. This was day 2 and I am already beat. I'm hoping I'll just get use to being in the burn building everyday for 2 months and hopefully it won't effect my training too much.

Well it was a low turnout at Trashmore and JB thought it would be good to do TT intervals. He picked the course and we each did 2 intervals. That was enough for me. Jimmy D. won them, good job.

Most of my time was spent just riding in circles at the top of the hill. At least the view is nice.
All pictures were taken by Kevin Horvath. Some things that occurred that was not captured on film.
  1. Me making a grand entrance to the parking lot. A cop was on Edwin looking for speeders. Everyone said that he almost nabbed them, but he did get me. 43 in a 25. In my defense, I didn't know it was only 25, I thought it was at least 35. I pulled into the parking lot with blue lights behind me. By the time Kevin was getting his camera, the cop had already given me my quick "slow down" and was on his way.
  2. Crazy crashing on his own barriers. He was late and was the last to do the time trial. He looked like he was going fast, but missed the jump. His hand had missed his bike and it threw him off. It was funny, but only because he wasn't hurt.
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