Saturday, March 22, 2008

I think its time to train again

In February I got the flu and that really put a hamper on my training. Then the fire recruits all started and I have been putting in long hours at work...exhausting long hours. So my bike riding has really suffered. Last week was the busiest week at work so far. My team then promoted the Smackdown race in Suffolk, I raced twice that day then did the Dismal Dash the following day. Monday morning I woke up with this stomach virus that seems to be going around. I went into work for a couple of hours but then came home. At 10:20am I decided to take a nap. The phone rang and woke me up at 5:00pm. I guess it was sleep much needed.

Well the stomach thing turned into a head cold and now it has moved to my chest. But the good thing is that I can train with a cold. Today I went out to the county on my TT bike. I realized after the Dismal Dash that I need to get on it a little more. I felt pretty good but my snot production was in excess of my snot removal.

Here's a picture taken by Tim Shockley at the Dismal Dash. I think I definitely look more aero on this bike than I did when all I did was put aero bars on my road bike. I borrowed a helmet from someone, but I think I will buy one before the next time trial. My motivation to train hard is higher right now than it has been. I think the thought of nice weather ahead and good racing this season is what's doing it.
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