Monday, March 17, 2008

Sounds like egos are expecting more than the legs can deliver

I read a lot of blogs today concerning this weekends racing in Tidewater. Specifically I want to discuss the Cat 3 race at the VBW Smackdown. A breakaway got away early that started with three racers and ended up with nine riders who lapped the field. Some people may be a little confused about how that breakaway succeeded. Twin Turbos claims that the VBW racers in the field did not do their fair share. I don't personally know what happened in the break, but I'll tell you right now that the reason the break was able to lap the field was due to the work by VBW to shut down the chases in the field. That's what teamwork and team tactics are. I think some teams out there should probably take a lesson from this and get it out of there heads that this sport is for individual glory. Joker says that himself, Bender and Karnes were the only men of the race. Once again, if that were true, maybe the only men in the race should have worked harder to cross the line first. Tyler thinks that the only reason the break succeeded was due to the only legit workers in the break (himself, Ian, and Bender).

The point I am trying to make is that there were more than three people in this race. I don't want to take anything from those three, but you don't win races just because you think you worked hard. Although races are won on hard individual efforts, they are also won by hard team efforts. VBW racers were the only ones who were shutting down the chase and allowed the break to succeed.

Better luck next time.
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