Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trail running, Beer, Friends and GH3

As regular readers know most of the Virginia Beach Wheelmen joined some Tripower guys and gals as well as some All About Bikes racers at Velocity during this winter. It was 20 weeks of pain, endurance, power and speed. It was very good training, but the thing that was built up more than our muscles was our friendships. So now that it is over, a few of us got together at Kevin's house on Monday.

Kevin Horvath, Mike McMahon and I went for a run to start of the night. Mike Hosang rode through the same trails. Kevin took off strong, but I was able to stay with him and help push the pace. It was supposed to be an easy run...that didn't happen.

After the run Brenna arrived as did Jon Nisbet (who brought Guitar Hero). My wife and kids came with me and I think they all made new friends with Sally and Judy. Jon's wife Leah also came along.

The talk focused around racing, illnesses and cross racing. But then we plugged in Guitar Hero. This was our goal of the night.

But this more what it looked like.
It was a good time. Thanks Kevin for having us over. Thanks to everyone who joined us this year at Velocity. I know I plan on doing it again next year. I'm thinking not on a Monday though. We'll try for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Everyone is welcome to join us.
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