Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heat of the Summer Road Rash Edition

Except for the crash at tonight's Heat of the Summer Crit, it was a great race. Pictures here are of James Goyet, my brother and teammate. He went down when someone decided not to turn in the corner and fell on his back wheel. He has some pretty nasty road rash and destroyed a pair of shorts, but other then that I think he's okay. He got up and got back in the race, which says a lot during a training race.

I think the team had another great showing. Again I know it is just a training race and that's exactly what we used it as. We practiced team tactics and are working to get Kyle the Kid ready for Nationals next month. That kid rode an impressive race tonight. For the first time the race ended in as a group and Kyle the Kid got 2nd place.

The team worked well tonight. The only member we were missing was John Gray, but that was because of work. Me, Kyle, James, Tim and Jon Nisbet were all there. It was a faster race this week, I think, and it was longer. I felt very good. I rode near the front the whole race, chased and covered breaks as needed. Great training.

It was a good showing there tonight. A lot of peeps I haven't seen in a while. K-dawg was there looking strong. Tyler Karnes was riding impressive too. He took a pull/attack in which I just sat on his wheel (Kyle was in the break he was chasing) and he pulled those guys back quickly. I was pretty impressed that he kept the tempo even after he realized he wasn't getting any help. Good riding. Also the guys from All About Bikes Racing did a good ride. Fishsticks was riding very aggressively and seemed to be in every move.

Here are the results:

40 Riders - 28 miles

1. Marc Greco Tripower
2. Kyle O'Brien Va Beach Wheelmen
3. Bill Collins Virginia Beach Velo
4. Tyler Karnes Hincappie Developmental
5. Mike Hosang Tripower
6. Jim Rogers ` East Coast Bicycles
7. Jeff Parker Virginia Beach Velo
8. Dan Gibson Le Blue
9. Josh Goyet Virginia Beach Wheelmen
10. Tim Shockley Virginia Beach Wheelmen
11. Art Marks Tripower
12. Michael Rozelle All About Bikes
13. Zach Kyler Tripower
14. Sally Tempest Tripower
15. Fred Havens East Coast Bicycles

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