Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heat of the Summer

Sportsplex training races called Heat of the Summer started up again last night. True training races. $5 entry fee, no pay outs, no primes, just good fast racing. The Virginia Beach Wheelmen finally had a good showing out there and everyone worked hard. Myself, John Gray, Kyle the Kid, Jon Nisbet and Tim Shockley. A lot of work was done and we were all pretty aggressive but a break still got a way and won. I am feeling a lot better about myself and my abilities to ride near the front and react. That was my goal yesterday and that's what I did.

Here are the results that were published:

Start time 7:15 / 30 Riders / 20 miles

1. Marc Greco Tripower
2. Rob Dinterman LeBlue
3. Bob Collins Virgina Beach Velo
4. Steve Simet JRVS
5. Bill Collins Virginia Beach Velo
6. Mike Hosang Tripower
7. Keith Johnson NC Masters
8. Jeff Parker Virginia Beach Velo
9. Fred Havens East Coast Bikes / VBV
10. Kyle O'Brien Virginia Beach Wheelmen
11. Art Marks Tripower
12. Andy Winch Virginia Beach Velo
13. Dan Netzer East Coast Bikes / VBV
14. Albe Rodenas All About Bikes
15. Josh Goyet Virginia Beach Wheelmen

See you out there next week.

Leah, if you have any good pictures (which I know you do) can you send them to me?
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