Monday, July 28, 2008


Prior to the race I checked the confirmed rider list on Bike Reg. I had seen that there were only three riders signed up for the Master's 30+. I was going to medal unless of course I crashed or flatted. So I decided to really take this race seriously. I did not want to walk away from this race with a medal and not post a personal best.

So the night before I went out and bought myself a tent. This course gets hot while warming up and I wanted to ride my trainer in the shade. I would say that the warm up is my weakest part of racing and I have tried to correct that this year. I seem to cut the warm ups short and then spend the race trying to get warm. So this race was going to be different. I bought the tent. I even brought my road bike with me to set up on the trainer. That way my TT bike would be ready to go and I could leave the road bike on the trainer for a good cool down.

When I got to the race I got the tent out of the car and took it out of its box. It was less put together then I had thought, but it didn't take too long. I got is set up and the shade was nice. Got my number pinned on my skin suit. Took my TT bike down and put the race wheels on, the HR monitor on, pumped up the tires and made sure it was ready to race. Then I got my road bike down, wheels on and tires pumped. I was ready.

Only one problem. I forgot my legs to my trainer at home. It won't work without them.

Did not get much of a warm up. Did get a personal best though (53:43) and the silver medal.
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