Monday, July 21, 2008

Racing in Richmond

I don't have much to say about the races except they were a blast. I liked the TT course, I just wish I was more familiar with it. I went out real fast and caught my 30 second man 2 minutes into my race. Of course he had just finished the 40+ race and only had about 8 minutes to change numbers and start again. He was better at pacing himself for sure since he caught me right at the finish.

The Bryan Park race was awesome. I am starting to gain confidence in my riding and starting to feel like I have the ability to win a race. I am feeling comfortable at the front of the pack and am holding the front positions during the final lap as well. That was always my down fall. I could practice sprints all I want but if I am at the back the sprint doesn't work.

Well I thought the win at Bryan Park would come from a last minute "flier" and the counter attack would be successful. Well I thought that attack was coming on the final climb and I went for the counter. Unfortunately for me the attack lasted less then 20 meters and I found myself in front on the front and hanging out way too early. Near the top of the decent everyone came by me fast, that was the counter attack. I pushed hard and got in near the top ten position in the final turn but I was spent at this point. So I just sat up. No idea what my placing was. So now that I have confidence, now I just need to work on the whole ability thing.

Great races. Thanks to the promoters.

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