Thursday, August 7, 2008

Heat of the Summer

Last nights race seemed pretty fast. As Bill Collins reported it was an average of 26.4 mph. There seemed to be a lot of attacks. I was feeling pretty good. These training races have really helped me this year. I feel they have helped me gain confidence and the ability to ride the front a lot more.

Jon Nisbet and myself represented the Virginia Beach Wheelmen. Jon went with a break in the final 10 laps and was able to pull out a 3rd place. The rest of the packed seemed to break apart on the final lap and as usual I forgot how long that sprint was from the corner. So I ended up dying out at the end but still ended up 15. I was happy. I worked a lot and it was great training. That's what its all about, right?

Here's the results:

1. Bill Collins Virginia Beach Velo
2. Mike Hosang Tripower
3. Jon Nisbet Virginia Beach Wheelmen
4. Keith Gerarden Triangle Velo, NC
5. Keith Johnson Carolina Masters
6. Rob Dinterman LeBlue
7. Brent Lehew Unattached
8. Dan Gibson LeBlue
9. Jeff Parker Virginia Beach Velo
10. Tom Fournier Coastal Racing
11. Andy Demarchena Fat Frogs
12. Fred Havens VBV/East Coast Bicycles
13. Emily Joyner Team Marshall Mechanical
14. Sally Tempest Tripower
15. Josh Goyet Virginia Beach Wheelman
16. Tim Faller VBV/East Coast Bicycles
17. Mitch Hunt All About Bikes
18. Zach Kyler Tripower
19. Chad Holm Tripower
20. Art Marks Tripower

Also, in case you throw it out, the race series has a story in the Virginia Pilot Beacon this morning.

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