Monday, August 25, 2008

Shirts for Sale

Last year when the Virginia Beach Wheelmen were sponsored by Bike Zone we had t-shirts made. These shirts were going to be sold at our race we held that year. If you remember that race was a wash out and only about 20 people total raced (bad rain). So I was left with these t-shirts and tank tops. At the end of the summer Bike Zone closed and All About Bikes stepped up as our bike shop sponsor. So now I have a lot of shirts and tanks that have a shop name that doesn't exist any more. I am trying to re coop some of my money back. Does anyone want any shirts or tanks? I have most sizes. Think of it as a retro shirt since Bike Zone doesn't exist any more.

$5 each.

Any takers? Email me.

Also if anyone is interested in sporting some other VBW clothing I have the VBW tech T-shirts and the VBW compression t-shirts. These shirts are just like our team jerseys except they don't have any of the sponsors on them. They have the VBW logo and team colors. The compression shirts are like under armor and the tech t-shirts are like running shirts or dri-fit gym shirts. They're pretty cool.

Interested in those? They are $45 each.

Plus buying any of these shirts also supports a local club/team.
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