Monday, August 11, 2008

A Weekend of Racing and Hanging With Friends

Kyle the Kid performed impressively in his Nationals debut in San Diego. Here are the descriptions of his events from his mom Kim:

Our first day of racing is over. The Time Trial, Kyle's least favorite. He finished the 18K in 33:45, no where near the winner of the 15-16 group (27:04, man those kids are fast). Anyway, that time placed him 65 out of 81. He is happy, feeling good about todays crit and having fun (most important)

Kyle finished 17th yesterday in the Crit race - it was a tight group at the end and the sprint was intense.
We are very proud of him - of course he is second guessing himself and what he should have done.
Today is the road race, then tomorrow we head to VEGAS ! Maybe Dave and I can win back some of the cost of this trip LOL !

Well the final race was the road race. Kyle started off strong and was still in the front third of the pack on the 3rd lap, then a crash. He just barely cleared it but not enough, so he completely destroyed his wheel and scratched his knee. By the time the new wheel was on the bike he was 2 minutes back. He finished the race in 50 something place even though they pulled him in the last lap along with a whole group that were off the pack. Anyway, he is relieved to be done, he was pretty nervous about the whole race. So we started back home on Saturday, stopped over night in Vegas to a see show. Tonight we are in Gallup New Mexico We expect to be home by Thursday.

While Kyle the Kid was racing in San Diego, the rest of the Wheelmen showed up to the Chesepeake Crit. It was the largest showing of VBW this year since the VBW Smackdown. The only other teammate missing was James. James is training for a half Ironman and was able to ride the fully set up practice course that day.

Photo by BJ. Can't wait to see you back on a bike.

So myself, Jon Nisbet, John Gray, Mike Tamayo and Tim Shockley all lined up for the start of the Master's 30+. It was a fast race and the team worked well. A break got away that actually formed on the first lap and even though a lot of people chased, a lot of people also broke up the chasing (thanks Kevin). When the medals were award and broken down into 30-34 and 35-39, here's what it looked like.

30-34: 1st Jon Nisbet, 2nd Tim Shockley, 3rd Joshua Goyet, 4th John Gray

Good job to the Wheelmen.

On a side note. Have you ever been getting ready for a race and discovered a bar plug was missing? You need to have one in (not that they check anymore). Tim, Jon and John were all missing bar plugs. The solution:
Bottle top. Cheap and now another location to put a drink sponsor.

After the race it was off to the Dawg House. Kevin and Sally throw a good party with keg beer, burgers, dogs and a kick ass mac and cheese. It was here we discovered the results of the 30-34 race, so a podium picture was required. Only Jon has his medal because apparently team work ends once he gets off the bike. He only thought to pick up his medal. That's okay I got mine and Tim's at the TT. Just messing with you Jon.

I was the only Wheelmen to brave the TT the next day. I wasn't sure how the 8 or 9 beers I had at Kevin's would effect me. The wind was different that 2 weeks ago. I had just made a couple of positioning changes on my bike a few days prior. I felt I had a great race. 53:51 was only 8 seconds slower than my PR. And the wind was probably the factor there. I actually felt like I went harder on this one.

After the TT it was back home and Kevin and family, Mike and Lori Anne and James came over for Quesadilla Burgers and Wii bowling. Good time.

Now its back to work.

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