Thursday, December 18, 2008

GamJams Reviews: Trainer Distractions-Group Riding

I tend to be able to find many ways to distract myself during trainer rides. The usual like TV (especially Scrubs for some reason), movies and ipods. But even with those I seem to have an hour limit before I call it quits. The other thing I do is break down the intervals. If you focus on 1 hour you won't make it. But if you focus on 2 minutes, 5 minutes or even 10 minutes at a time, the hour will fly by.

That all being said, last night was our first night of strendurance at APT. In a group setting we moved from the bikes, to the VersaClimbers and back. It was a tough workout that lasted for about an hour and a half. Bordem was never an issue. Actually we could have all gone another hour or two without bordem settling in.

So you could always get some teammates together and meet in someone's garage, but this is supposed to be a product review (or service review) so my garage doesn't quite work. But here is the deal. I have had teammates meet and we get together and either put in a video or someone makes up a workout. But if you have available to you, a facility that provides an indoor cycling workout focused towards racers, do it. They come in many forms like CompuTrainer workouts, or this Stendurance session that we did last night. These workouts tend to be run by coaches and are more specific to the time of year.

Where do these places exist? I know of Atlantic Performance Training in Virginia Beach. Do you know of others?
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