Monday, September 14, 2009

A Cyclist Falls from the Pungo Ferry Bridge

Many people have already heard the news that Elliot Craddock fell from the Pungo Ferry Bridge yesterday during a training ride. Watch this video of the rescue made by the Virginia Beach Fire Department. Also keep in mind a couple of things. Elliot's dad, Jeff was there and watched the whole thing. What kind of feeling is that to see your son fall from a bridge. Also the Battalion Chief in charge of the rescue was non other then Chief Dennis Keane. That's right Fat Frog's own Matt Keane's dad. You don't think for a minute Chief Keane related to this incident at all do you? I think everyone was relieved to find out that Elliot suffered only a broken shoulder. Heal quickly young Elliot.

Also interesting to note is the negativity and anger that cyclists in the news tend to bring. I read the article about the crash on the Virginia Pilot on-line. Following the article were numerous, negative comments referring to cyclists not having rights to the road and how irresponsible we are. I still can't believe that this is the majority, it is just the handful of angry citizens who have nothing better to do than make comments like that. That being said, just be careful out there. If a car makes you mad, just remember, it could be one of those crazy assholes who left comments about Elliot getting what he deserved just because he was on a bike on "their" roads. We probably don't want to piss those people off any more than they all ready are.

By the way, similar comments were made about Jeff Lawson when he crashed and broke his neck in the Smithfield TTT. I just don't understand some people.

Get well soon Elliot, and good job to the VBFD for the technical rescue.

Video shot by retired Virginia Beach Master Firefighter Martin Grube.
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