Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Cross Racer is Born

He did it. John Gray bought a cyclocross bike. John got his start in cycling as mountain biker. Got into road racing and sold his mountain bike last year so he could buy a TT bike. We've been trying to tell him that the next logical step would be to by a CX bike. With his mountain bike skills and his desire to be in pain (hence the purchase of a TT bike) John would be good at this discipline, or at least really enjoy it.

So he purchased the Gary Fisher Steel Cyclocross bike from All About Bikes in Chesapeake. The bike is pretty sweet. Its been a little while since I have seen a steel bike, and for cyclocross it works for sure. He said it was responsive and handled well, he just has to get use to the difference in that and his old mountain bike.

We left my house early and headed out for a 3 hour tour. We hit the trails at Damn Neck, the ocean front, Seashore trails and then finished with a steady road effort down Great Neck. Awesome chance for him to get a good feel for cyclocross. Now we just need to get out and practice some CX specific skills.

The Virginia Beach Wheelmen are officially making the transition to the cyclocross world.

  • Joshua Goyet--has a CX bike and plans on racing most of the VACX series
  • John Gray--just got a new CX bike and plans on racing at least the local races
  • Jon Nisbet--has a CX bike and skipped the road season but is getting into shape for CX.
  • Tim Shockley--same as Nisbet, getting in shape for road season.
  • Mike Tamayo--has a CX bike and plans on racing at least the local races.
  • Kyle O'brien-doesn't want to have to get off his bike to race. Still trying to convince him.
  • Undisclosed new member--Races Cyclocross
  • Undisclosed new member--Just told me that he is going to buy a CX bike. Because he has been a few years without a racing license (because of racing Tri's) he may or may not get a late season license to race CX.
  • Still trying to convince new member--races cyclocross but hasn't agreed to race with the Wheelmen yet, still working.
We may be all wearing 757cx gear during CX races, but we are looking for something to distinguish us as Wheelmen. Look for us out there.
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