Monday, September 14, 2009

A workout worth blogging about.

It starts with deadlifts. Start with a set of 10 and then a set of 9, then 8....then 1, you get the point. Not that big of a deal. Total of 55 deadlifts. The tough part is what we did in between the sets.

Deadlifts then 300 feet on the Versa Climber.
Then 300 feet on the Jacob's Ladder

That cycle get repeated until we completed the set that only included 1 dead lift. So it totals 55 deadlifts, 3,000 feet on the Versa Climber and 3,000 feet on the Jacob's Ladder.

And if you've never tried the Versa Climber or Jacob's Ladder you have no idea. The V-Climber takes less then 2 minutes to get to the 300 feet and the Jacob's Ladder takes around 3 minutes to get 300 feet. So these short, intense efforts are great for cyclocross training or just simply off-season conditioning.
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