Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cross Over Again

Another week, another first time cross rider.
Nice bike Jon.

5 members of the Virginia Beach Wheelmen showed up at Ipswich to welcome Jon to the CX world. I think we are all getting a little more comfortable on the bikes. At least me, I am trying things that I didn't a couple of weeks ago (so my crash numbers are still staying the same).

Well Jon was packing up leaving a truck pulled up with another CX bike on it. Nice to finally meet you Albe. We are going to try and ride CX probably every Sunday. Maybe its almost time to start the Seashore Supercross Time Trials.

Another member of our team Amanda Goyet ran the Rock n' Roll 1/2 marathon this morning. Her husband James made her stop and kiss their baby at mile 10 for a photo-op. This took about 2 minutes. Finishing time 2 hours 1 minute 45 seconds...she blames James for not achieving her sub 2 hours. Good job anyway Amanda.
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