Sunday, September 23, 2007

Punishment on the Pavement

Photo taken by Bob Devich and sent to me by K-Dawg. Thanks guys.

The first ever training crit at the Sports Plex was everything I thought it would be...FAST!!!

Very tough race, people showed up wanting to race and that was good. Plus I got to work on my tan lines. It was a little warm outside. A couple of people complain of cramping but not me. I complained of a heart that was beating too fast and lungs that wouldn't fill up with air fast enough.

It was good to see everyone out there. Gene, when you went I was right there on your wheel and my mind told me to go with you but my legs said "bullshit!". Good race guys. Kevin, I wish I had the remotivation that you did. I was on empty man, wish I could have gone with you.

See you next weekend.

Thank you Virginia Beach for providing this facility for us. And special thanks to everyone who had anything to do with this course. This should be very good for cycling in Tidewater. It should be an awesome training course for next year. Can't wait.
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