Friday, February 15, 2008

Birthday Gifts Acceptance is now open.

I turn 32 next Saturday. Although I struggled a little when I turned 30, getting older doesn't seem to bother me. I know I'm still young. There are still plenty of races that don't even have Master categories for my age. But nonetheless, my birthday is February 23rd and I am now excepting presents. Confused what to get me? Here are some ideas:

Time Trial helmet. (Brand not important).

Dura Ace Shifters. Time to upgrade from Ultegra.

Dura Ace Derailleurs.

Anything cool for the bike. Sometimes the gift that someone else picks out the best one.

Cash always converts well to bike parts.

My wife and I are planning our next trip again. October will be our 10 year anniversary. We are taking a cruise for the first time. We will be doing the Land and Sea vacation through Disney (we have heard from people who have taken many cruises that the Disney cruise is the best regardless if you bring kids...we are not bringing kids). So for my birthday I will take gifts on our registry card. Just click here: Disney Cruise.

Or you could just let me ride away for a victory at Snowball Crit #1 on the 24th.
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