Monday, February 11, 2008

Never been so sick.

I think I have only had the flu once before in my life. The first year as a professional firefighter in Franklin. That winter I got the flu and I remember how bad it was. Well I don't think it compares to the way I have felt over the last few days.

Wednesday afternoon I started getting a headache and sore throat. I went home and started taking Vitamin C and zinc. The next day I felt worse, but we were burning a house at work and I couldn't miss that. Probably a bad mistake. Friday, even worse. Body aches, cough and just overall feeling like crap. I skipped the ride Saturday morning, figuring I would give myself a little longer to recover. Starting Saturday evening my fever started. It got up and stayed between 101 and 102.1 for two days.

So he it is Monday. Last night was still a terrible night sleep. I still have a bad, productive cough, chills, sweats, the fever is gone, but the body aches are still here. Today is the first day I felt at least a little better. We'll see if it last.
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