Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Team, Your Team

This is a game developed by my brother that we have played for about a year. We even have rules for it and an association. Its like picking teams for dodge ball, but you also get a chance to pick members for your friends teams. Here's how it works:

Let's say you and a friend were a party and you spot this:

You would say "My team." That would be a positive point for you. Let's say a few minutes later you spot this:

You would say "Your Team." That would probably be a negative point for your friend.

Get the general idea?

Okay, here's another addition to it. You don't have to be around the person you are competing with. If you can manage to get a picture on your camera phone, it can be sent and you can be given credit for "my team." This is actually where the challenge comes in.

So here's my story:

Picture this...Newark airport getting ready to board my connecting flight to Indianapolis. In front of me is a girl that I had called "my team" on. I thought I would take a picture and send to my brother for the points. So I turned the flash off and took the picture. As soon as I pushed the button I realized my camera was not on silent and made the very distinct sound that a camera phone does. She immediately turned around and I immediately brought the phone to me ear and started talking like I had a call. The picture was ruined because it was nothing but a blur. She then picked up her bags and moved behind us. SNAGGED!

Well me and my friends all had seats scattered throughout the plane. I told Bill that maybe the gods were looking over me and I would be seated next to a hot chick during the flight. The gods were not looking over me. On one side was a 90 year old Indian women who smelled bad and on the other side was a 400 lb dude who smelled like sweat and smoke. When the flight was ready to take off I noticed Bill had three seats to himself, so I moved. I told him that the gods were obviously teaching me a lesson for taking a picture of that girls butt. I continued to say that I know she knew that I took the picture because of the way she turned around as soon as the camera clicked. The entire time I was saying this, his eyes got big and he pointed to the seat directly in front of me...It was her. SNAGGED AGAIN!

I know what some of you might be thinking and yes its true:
All men are with it.

If anyone is interested in the complete listing of rules for "My team, Your team" please email me. My brother has electronic copies available.

Had a good time in at the Fire Department Instructor Conference (FDIC). Too busy to take pictures (most of the stuff was lectures). Glad to be back and I am finally ready to ride again.
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