Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tour De Beach...A family event

It was a warm and sunny day at the Sportsplex in Virginia Beach. I have the sunburns to prove it. I decided to race the Master's race today. I was the only VBWer in that race and ended up taking myself out of the winning break. Yeah, I wasn't paying attention and thought we were caught, but we were only caught by a handful of others and that break ended up working out. I'm not saying for sure that I had the fitness to stay with them, but I would have liked to try.
I did end up with a $5 prime. At least I got my race day fee back. I ended up 12th overall and 6th for Master's 30+ BAR points.
Teammates John Gray and Kyle Obrien raced the Cat 4 race. That race came down to a field sprint.
Kyle scored 4th place and John got 9th. Good job.
The kid's race was a big deal. The City of Virginia Beach spent time and money putting race fliers up in the schools. The question was asked of me if my girl had heard about this race by seeing the flier in her school. Caitlyn said "No, I don't think I saw anything." Maybe next time, give something to the kids to take home. The parents may create more excitement than a 5 year old who just learned to read seeing a race flier would. Just an idea. girls were excited to race.

You could tell by the smile on the face.And the tears in the eyes. Apparently when they started, the clapping scared Madelyn. But at least her mother was there "encouraging" (or pushing...we need a ruling on that legal).

But the prize is always worth the effort.

Jon Nisbet was going to race the Men's 1/2/3 race. We didn't stay around. We had to get the girls out of the sun. Hope everything went well. Good luck Jon.
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